The Undead Tower

Gracefire Part II


The next day, our hardy adventurers found that the werewolves were nowhere to be seen. Doomhammer was tasked with creating a silver weapon from the silver that was found after investigating the town. Adran, Olamina, and Ra decided to investigate the merchant section of town. While in the tavern, Olamina attempted to relieve the zombie-like bar maiden of her strongbox, which resulted in Adran getting bitten by the saucy (un-dead?) wench.

Once the three obliterated her and opened the box, a mere 5 gold pieces were found, which Ra later spent when he found an ancient, magical pac-man arcade machine. All in all, money well spent.

As the sun neared the horizon, the group decided to approach the tower once more, discovering a blood-covered necromancer at the top of the stairs. After a harried flight from, you guessed it, more werewolves, the adventurers ran into the tower and up the stairs. As the door closed behind them, they all suddenly realized they were in a pitch-black room.

Next Session: October 17th



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