The Undead Tower


Shit! Run!!!

The group decided to go back to the inn after retrieving the 2nd piece of the map. Ra ended up sleeping with the transvestite barkeep and gained a +1 check to all defenses for the next encounter due to his resulting numbness from the unpleasantness of the night.

After learning of the troubles in Gracefire, the team set out to determine the cause of the lack of news from the small village. After encountering unnatural townsfolk with black blood, and incredible regenerating capabilities (and destroying 3 of them), night descends. The decision is made to flee to an abandoned stone structure and barricade the door with a table, while two werewolves howl outside. One night passes.

What’s next for our courageous, powerful, and don’t forget, sexy team?

Stay tuned for next week’s session!

Next Session: October 11th @ 1:30 pm



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